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Stem cells are important research tools in both life science and biomedical research. The applications of stem cells are enormous as research tools to advance our understanding of normal and disease biology. The fundamental ability of stem cells to provide a renewable source of undifferentiated and mature functional cell types in vitro and on demand is what makes them versatile and attractive research tools.

Stem cell research tools are as diverse as the applications of stem cells themselves. However, it is important to note that it is the advances in stem cell technology rather than the cell’s biological potential that are required to make this vision a reality.

BioDivide has the expertise to unlock the full potential of stem cells as research tools. The quality, stability and potency of stem cell cultures are directly dependent upon the correct culture environment and handling. To support stem cell research, we offer equine mesenchymal stem cell lines for research, custom stem cell derivation and expert services offering culture condition optimisation. Contact us to discuss your stem cell research requirement.

  • Equine mesenchymal stem cell lines
  • Custom stem cell derivation
  • Culture medium and extracellular matrix optimisation

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