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BioDivide delivers advanced and innovative solutions to regenerative medicine and biomedical research. Stem cell therapy has been practised for almost fifty years and is at the very heart of regenerative medicine. Mesenchymal stem cells have been used extensively to treat a wide range of clinical conditions including orthopaedic injuries.

Our latest innovation is StemPlan™. StemPlan™ is an autologous equine mesenchymal stem cell supportive therapy derived from a non-invasive donation procedure. StemPlan™ gives your horse the winning advantage because your horse’s stem cell dose is ready when an injury is sustained with no delay. StemPlan™ is stable and consistent and gives the highest product quality available anywhere.

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BioDivide offers our customers unique access to the world’s most advanced cell-based research facilities and capabilities. Our laboratories are designed to conduct biomedical research and development, manufacture of stem cell products, cell biology, in vitro disease model assays, molecular biology and protein biochemistry.

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Established stem cell lines are available to purchase for biomedical research